Nutritional Reflex Technique

Questions and Answers

What is N.R.T.℠?

N.R.T.℠ (Nutritional Reflex Technique) is a non-invasive, highly evolved complex muscle testing technique, researched and developed by Dr. Gary Lasneski DC, MS.

The testing procedure is a service marked technique, ( filed with the federal government) whose purpose is to pinpoint imbalances in the human energy field. Unlike other techniques NRT examines 3 major areas of imbalance.

1. Environmental

a) Toxins

b) Nutritional Status

2. Logic/ Emotional

3. Genetic predisposition

a) Mild

b) Moderate

c) Severe

What procedures are used in N.R.T.℠ evaluation ?

With the patient lying down on their back, they are asked to lift a leg up about 30-40 degrees with the knee locked and the leg straight. The practitioner then applies a downward pressure on the top of the ankle pushing down towards the table. The patient is asked to resist the downward pressure while the practitioner is simultaneously touching various points on the patients' body. A sudden weakness in leg strength indicated an imbalance in the energy patterns. 

How is N.R.T℠ different from other muscle testing techniques?

NRT is unique in that is the only muscle technique in which the practitioner holds 13 frequency vials in various combinations. By finding muscle weakness in the patient at these levels, the practitioner can precisely evaluate the emotional, environmental, and genetic aspects of the pattern. This allows for an efficient and cost-effective treatment.


NRT is a continually upgraded technique. Research in on going, and nore recently includes muscle testing of genetic pathways. This new version of NRT makes use of the energetic fields of Codons and Nucleotides.

Is there a scientific basis for N.R.T℠?

Although there is no concise scientific explanation for this type of testing, there are several valid theoretical explanations. All molecules have a unique weak electromagnetic pattern. The more complex a compound is the more complex the pattern becomes. On the body, electromagnetic patterns seem to coalesce, forming energy nodes (points.) These points often correlate with acupuncture points. Stimulation of these points with the practitioners' finger may temporarily alter the energy pattern, which in turn causes the patients leg to become weaker. As the field of bio physics merges with quantum physics, we may have a better understanding of the phenomenon. 

Can N.R.T℠ help my health problems?

Since NRT attempts to get to the "root pattern," it can be used to help rebalance almost any body system. By re-balancing the system the body has a greater chance of healing itself.

What types of treatments are used in N.R.T.℠ protocol?

There are 3 primary treatment modalities used in an NRT practice:

1) Nutritional supplements

2) Herbal Medicine

3) Genesis Essence Homeopathy

(developed in 1995 by Dr. Gary Lasneski)

Can N.R.T.℠ tell me if certain foods or chemicals bother me?

Since NRT check points related to the immune system ( inflammation and histamine), foods and chemicals can be tested to find if they cause an imbalance in the system.

Who can practice NRT℠?

NRT is taught to licensed health care providers, throughout the United States; who have a substantial background in nutritional therapies.

Is N.R.T℠ used to render a diagnosis?

NO. NRT can not, and should not be used to substitute for a medical/ physical diagnosis. Diagnosis can be made only through laboratory testing and a thorough medical examination. A licensed health care provider such as an MD, DC, ND, DO (medical doctor, chiropractic doctor, naturopathic doctor, and osteopathic physician) who is also an NRT practitioner, may integrate standard blood and other laboratory tests, along with the NRT technique.